E.S.T. is a rock group which managed to achieve the status of the "cult" and "legendary" band within a very short period of time. E.S.T. combines the elements of hard-rock, Russian folk-music while keeping its unique style. That's why E.S.T. hits are sung by thousands of their fans at concerts , clubs and private parties.
        E.S.T. was founded in 1988 by Jean Sagadeev (Lead vocals, Bass, Guitar) and his friends. The same year the group became # 1 at "Festival of Hopes" and all-Union "MetalloplasticA" Festival. In 1989 the band went on a month-long Germany tour. The successful tour was crowned by a contract with the joint US- German company "Destiny". After the second German tour E.S.T. released the first album - "Electro Shock Therapy". The LP got positive comments in U.K. , Germany and Denmark. E.S.T. was intensively touring in Russia and abroad - in Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Finland etc.) and USA.
        200 thousand copies of "Blade Test" the first LP, recorded in Moscow and produced by Valery Gaina, put E.S.T. into the rank of Russian super groups. E.S.T. signed the contract with "BIZ Enterprises" and after winning the phone poll participated in the legendary-rock festival in Tushino in Moscow playing on the same stage with Metallica and AC/DC in front of 800 thousand of Heavy Metal fans.
        The success of the group was proved by "USSR. Monsters of Rock" festivals, several tours and concerts with world leading rock bands such as Sepultura, Faith No More, TV and radio music programs. The army of E.S.T. fans is growing rapidly and some of young rock bands are following their style. One of E.S.T. video clips which was shot in New York and entitled "Good Night, Brighten Beach", reached the first position in the charts of the leading Russian rock media in 1991. The singles from their first Russian LP, such as "Katiusha" and "30 HGSA Steel" became the trademark hits of the band.
        In 1992 the new LP "Live In The Moscow Outskirts" was released. The final track of the LP - "We'll Be Back" was recorded at the jam session together with Russian rock stars -A. Losev, V. Kipelov, D. Varshavsky, A. Krupnov, N. Noskov, N. Arutyunov, as well as international rock musicians like J. Mover ( played on drums with Alice Cooper and Joe Satriani ). The video version of the track was a success in BIZ TV programs.
        The same year Warner Brothers released "Monsters Of Rock In Moscow" video featuring E.S.T. The video was shown on MTV in USA and was on sale world-wide. In 1993 the Belgian company "Mavzoleum Records" issued a compilation CD of E.S.T. greatest hits, which was on sale in Europe.
        After some change', in the band, E.S.T. signed the contract with PolyGram Russia. The new creative period was crowned by a new album - "13", released on CD and MC. The video version of one of the ballads from the album, entitled "No, Listen, No" became an undoubted hit of the year and contributed to the growing popularity of the group.
     For the period with 1995 for 1998 the group worked in joint concerts with the veterans fate of a stage Uriya Hipp, Nazaret, Motorhead.
     In 1998 E.S.T. Together with the telechannel  "RTR"   lets out, at studio Union, concert album  an alive collection , left on CD, CC and on a video to the cassete.
     Part of 1998 the group has lead(carried out) in studio, writing down a new super-power album under the working name " Therapy For Soul ", which has left on PolyGram this year and includes 9 original heavy compositions, 2 ballads, and also song "Masha-Masha", in which record the actor of theatre and cinema Valeriy Zolotuhin has taken part. A series of acoustic concerts with legendary "Bumbarash" in clubs of Moscow has brought to group a prize " the Best show of 98-th year "
and became a real surprise for all the fans of E.S.T
        December 26, large concert E.S.T Marks 10 years anniversary. All musicians when or playing in collective, and as
Dmitriy Chetvergov, "Quarter", " on the eighth of March " have taken part in a concert. The group has received an official congratulation from Committee on Geopolitics of State Duma.
     In 1999 there was an event named by a festival of correct fate - E.S.T.-FEST. The group EST has organized a festival by the basic idea, which was to collect of the representatives of the present Russian fate. First E.S.T.-FEST has passed in d/k "Meridian". Together with E.S.T. such acted monsters fate of music, as the Master, Black Coffee, Borov, and as the groups, with which E.S.T. connect the long friendly relations: Div, Trizna, Anch in which structure Jan Sagadeev has replaced tragically lost vocalist Anchipalovskiy.
     At the end of one year there is a change of structure. Instead of gitarist Leonid Istomin in group there comes Leonid Mozjuhin "Fly".
        The beginning of 2000.
E.S.T. Together with club bayker " Night Wolves " works above a video - a roller on their hymn.
        The end 2000 of year was marked again by changes in structure of group. Leonid Mozjuhin, not sustained rhythm of the studio and concert diagram, has replaced its former colleague on group "Cayman"
Alekcandr Evsukov.
        In May 2001 the collective will carry spend the next festival E.S.T.-FEST2. This time was solved to involve in participation in a festival not the monsters, and young and talented groups, but not yet enough known owing to a body and radio "no format". In E.S.T.-FEST2 the groups have taken part: "Opposition", "Vortex", " Atropine the rabbit ", " The Hanters ", "Epitafia". As the special visitor has acted " Black Obelisk ". The festival has passed under the motto " Glory to the Russian Rock! Death Telepuzikam! ".